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Zune disconnected while updating

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But we also think Microsoft's invested so much time mastering the basics that technologically it's fallen even further behind the pack than before. Besides the most obvious addition of flash-based Zunes in 8 and 4GB sizes and the general thinning and lightening of the flagship player, now all three devices (Zune 30 -- the new name for the first gen player -- Zune 80, and Zune 8 and 4) feature the same unified core of features, such as: The supporting software and services doesn't hurt either, like the dramatically redesigned and stylish new desktop software, the Zune Marketplace's addition of a million DRM free tracks for download, syncing with Media Center, and Zune Social.

While we can't give solid word on Zune 80 hardware (which we've yet to play with), the Zune 8's first-gen nano look and feel takes us back to a more innocent time when the 100-song capped Moto ROKR might have stood a chance (yeah right), and a Microsoft media player was but a glint in J Allard's eye.

One hack must only be made once, but a second hack must be used on each synchronization (assuming your computer has been rebooted since last sync) Note: This method DOES NOT work with the new 3.0 firmware (or greater).

The change comes as the service’s Xbox-branded replacements shift from Microsoft Points to using local currency.

The last firmware version known to work with this method is version 2.5.

This work-around is not for the faint of heart and currently has some limitations: -It appears that wireless synching is not allowed -Multiple hacks are required to synchronize, including a registry hack.

(Oh, and that pukey green takes us back to the bad-60s, but hey, matters of taste...

For the record, we still love the brown Zune, so there you go.) No doubt we prefer the new touch-sensitive squircle to the i Pod's tired, thumb-joint-popping scrollwheel, but we did find ourselves clicking around on the direction buttons more often than sweeping across the pad -- in which case it's really no different to us than the original Zune's four way d-pad hardware.