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If you update content with a subset of properties, you will lose all existing properties not included in that update.You should always update resources in the following order: HTTP header (this header is automatically set when using our official SDKs).The other parts of this series are: Each object stored in the Business Data Connectivity (BDC) service application metadata store has an access control list (ACL) that specifies which users and groups have permissions on the objects.Out of the thirteen BDC metadata objects, only permissions on the external system, external content type (ECT), and the BDC model can be set using the Share Point 2013 Central Administration website.diego_cell/8c595349-5de1-4c29-8c7f-769c2c8aed65 (63): Action Failed get_task: Task b697cd2d-64c7-41d3-498a-e78584ba38b4 result: Stopping Monitored Services: Stopping services '[consul_agent]' errored () Failed updating instance diego_cell The max-in-flight value in Ops Manager needs to be reduced in order to prevent too many Diego cells from being updated simultaneously.The Exact API to call to change max-in-flight can be found in Ops Manager API here: https://[FQDN Ops Manager]/docs#configuring-the-max_in_flight-settings-for-a-product-39-s-jobs Follow the steps: Authenticate & Get Token: https://[FQDN Ops Manager]/docs#authentication1.Target your Ops Manager IP: uaac target https://YOUR_OPSMAN_IP/uaa 2.Log in to your Ops Manager with the Client name “opsman”: uaac token owner get Client name: opsman Client secret: User name: YOUR_USERNAME_HEREPassword: YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE 3.

Get Max in Flight curl "https://localhost/api/v0/staged/products/cf-6595dd22a5007e3f6f93/max_in_flight" -k -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer Result 7. Exact same as the above feature request which looks like its solved for d6.For convenience here is copy pasted issue I can assign more than one feed to a content type by setting the 'Attach to content type:' to the same content type for two different feeds.In the second part of this article the default threshold settings were described and how to change them when using on-premises installations of either Microsoft Share Point® Foundation 2013 or Microsoft Share Point® Server 2013.In this third part we will cover the implications, for users, of the permission settings on the External Content Type (ECT).Note: You can use the CMA to deliver and manage content, but you shouldn't use it to deliver large amounts of content and instead use the Content Delivery API.