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It was spelled out so clearly for us: "A scrub is a guy that thinks he's fly and is also known as a busta / Always talkin' about what he wants and just sits on his broke a--" With those iconic lyrics and video that was constructed of pleather and pure '90s realness, TLC introduced an entire generation of girls to a type of dude that would have some bearing on their dating lives in one way or another -- The Scrub.We knew we were supposed to say "No, we don't want your numbers," but did we heed the advice of our favorite crop-top-sporting trio?This happened to be one of those surgeries that I ended up getting really sick afterwards and required a blood transfusion because I lost a lot of blood.I was feeling pretty miserable, but Bill was there for physical therapy so he had already recovered from surgery -- his legs had healed and were in a cast.

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Growing up he traveled from New York to Baltimore for surgery, and I traveled from Florida to Baltimore for all of our surgeries because our doctor was the best in the world. I was there for surgery and was not feeling very well post-op day 1.

That doesn't mean we won't do a residency in Vegas," T-Boz said."We have a body of work and when you (have) timeless songs like ' Waterfalls' and ' No Scrubs' and ' Unpretty,' you should be able to (tour), you know. In an interview with The Associated Press, TLC talked about their music, dating while in a girl group, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran and the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.

Haters Gone Hate TLC, which launched a Kickstarter fund in 2015 to raise money for their final album, earned more than 0,000, though they initially asked for 0,000."We were in disbelief," Chilli said.

Ostensibly the producers would set up a couple and film their blind date while adding lascivious commentary.

"A Dating Story" aired on the The Learning Channel on weekdays and billed itself as a nicer classier version of the blind date program that featured real people.