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He and his staff received the report Thursday and were continuing to review it.

Psychological effects of online dating

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And sometimes those misunderstandings occur over serious matters such as one person's desire to become physically intimate.

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Mary Aiken sees herself as a bulwark against the commercialism of romantic encounters.

It is important to recognize that building romantic relationships is a process that includes several stages.

It begins with relationship initiation, when partners meet and get to know each other, continues with relationship maintenance, when partners navigate day-to-day life and significant life events, and inevitably ends with relationship termination, due to a break-up or the proverbial “death do us part.” The effects of online dating are clearest and most significant during the initiation phase.

Called "hyper personal interaction," it is well documented that people disclose personal details at double the rate the normally would when they are online.

What results is a false sense of intimacy between two people, and while this feeling may aid the romantic connection promised by dating services, it can equally result in misunderstandings.