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And because of that fact, he couldn’t find a place to operate in the entire state of Oregon.

Administrators told Meltzer they were unable to recruit physicians because of the stigma attached to his work. but I wasn’t going to let my patients down.” The fact that Meltzer was driven out of one of America’s most liberal states seems hard to imagine now that he’s spent more than 13 years quietly practicing in Scottsdale without incident.

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The sanctuary has almost 600 of these cute creatures. Check out the awesome photos of other visitors' experiences.• 40% of battered women report that they have been forced to participate in sexual acts with animals as part of their domestic terrorization.Sex Offenders: • 48% of rapists have committed acts of animal cruelty as children or adolescents. Kelvin Boulevard Tucson, Arizona 85716 Education & Cruelty Prevention: (520) 321-3704, Ext. And there's a place right in America that will make all your dreams come true.Ironwood Pig Sanctuary in Tucson, AZ, is dedicated to eliminating the suffering of pot-bellied pigs in the area by providing them with a safe home.FEBRUARY 2009: FROM VICTIM TO VICTORY – OUR SUCCESS STORIES This newsletter examines some of the cases investigated by ACT member agencies and how near-tragedy was transformed into triumph for the animals and officers involved. Established that cruelty to animals is part of a triad of behaviors useful for predicting criminal behavior. It established the typical animal abuser as being a male of average intelligence with an early history of antisocial behavior, with a childhood history that is likely to include gross neglect, brutality, rejection and hostility. Studied two groups of male psychiatric patients, one with an assaultive history, and one with a history of animal cruelty. Found that in some cases killing animals was to relive the experience of killing human beings. Cruelty to animals is a serious manifestation of psychopathology particularly when paired with other symptoms and a troubled family history. • 1997- Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Northwestern University.